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Marcus manufactures a wide range of transformers, including dry type distribution, industrial control, auto transformers and line reactors. Search here for a specific model or scan our detailed catalog to select the product that best suits your needs. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, check our custom made section or contact us for your special requirements.


Dry-Type Industrial Transformers

Marcus dry-type distribution transformers are easy to install and offer advantages over competitive brands. They are compact to save scarce floor or wall space and are all supplied with wall or floor brackets and channels.


Industrial Control Transformers

If the unit will be installed inside a cabinet or panel, choose our option style (MO) with standard screw terminals or with terminal block (MTB) or the finger safe encapsulated model (MTS). For standalone installations, we have the closed type (MC) and an epoxy encapsulated model (MEC) for harsh environments.



Auto transformers are often chosen as an economical alternative to distribution transformers when electrical isolation between the primary power source and the secondary load is not required. They are used to match the supply voltage to the specific equipment voltage required and do so by tapping off of a common winding, therefore reducing both the size and the weight of the transformer. 


Line Reactors

After decades of experience, Marcus offers a vast array of trouble-free line reactors to meet any customer’s needs. Marcus reactors feature heatproof insulation, low heat dissipation and most importantly, elimination of saturation under extreme overloads at double current value.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Marcus can build what you need, usually within 7 days.

Buying from Marcus for the first time? Marcus employs its advanced WATT+PLUSTM technology in manufacturing, ensures rigorous quality control from start to finish and offers excellent customer care.

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